Why do people masterbate?  💭 thought 

It’s 1:28 when this thought striked to my mind 🙇 so basically I am going live with the 💭 thoughts   for today’s  blog 🐳

So here I will jott down what ever comes to my mind  

I should join back office from Tommorw instead of working from home 🐾

Why m I writing it over here  ? Will someone read it or it’s waste answer cracks super fast it’s just that you are jotting down the thoughts 💭 

What for  mosquito🐽 is in  blanket?  

I guess🐳 I should slow down the fan!🌀  

How much you can think Prapti ?

Gym plan for tomorrow nd diet?? 0 

How should I get order for my business 💵

Where does your new Year plan landing 👠up?  

Should send the link for this blog to my bae 🎈

Should I remove the second blanket,  covering head is suffocating 🎎

Remove socks👣 you will be at ease?  

How can people master bate?  👅

So dark  ,do some 👀meditation ! 

Start reading again, y did you left it?  ☝

Get up at 7 in 🎣order to cook for yourself 

Ohhh it’s already late, won’t be able to get up 🏃

You need to bring back your focus to your work……..  🔜

Can you guys imagine doing the same  ,just try out by taking 10-15 minutes from a day and write down thoughts and see how much we need to work on our minds.📢polluted mind, polluted thoughts  polluted ideas, polluted life sequence 🌴

Trust me you will be at ease, you will feel good it’s a refreshing remedy 🍒

I for me is what all existed 🐳

Prapti Choudhary 

Start loosing 15 with me 

Well, body curve blog is taking time ⏳ I am revealing the recipe for skippers of breakfast and brunch on the top not in mood of lunch 🍱
When you are on weight loss diet is 70% concern so you can think of egg anytime and everytime 🐔Ohhh Ohh but no yolk for you 🍢 I won’t be that hard on you but to be little linent out of four you can have one 🐳
So Sunday’s major meal recovery is from Gym looks – white egg enrgizers

🔺4 egg white omlett with spinach + tomato 🍅 topping 

🔺mashed potato + brown baked  bread with mozzarella (American)

Having such healthy food puts me at peace 🍎

15 kgs more to go 🔖 , more energy, more willpower to maintain 🔑

So you can also start your journey with me🔵 let’s share diet nd excercise circuits let’s together module the curve 🚴

Stay fit ⭕


Well, this round material punched over my forehead is Bindi🌀

The fact related to this is – in ancient times not only women ,but also men used to apply it 💄.

The reason being, it prevents  one from getting hypnotize. 

Ueww  all just try it out ones and next time someone You See with this color punch  ask and explain…. 

That’s how weekend  passed  by..  

Well,  I am not very much into reading but these two books have made me fallen for them simultaneously 📚

Jasmin darznik and Robert Steven kaplan  🎈

From Past two weekends ,I plug in my 👂 ear phones and follow each and every alphabet that darznik has jotted down – commendable it’s 🎓

Well Sunday goes to Steven, who’s word pumps up too much positivity .🍫

Running my mind🍴 to get exclusive topic for the blog on this weekend  👓let’s see what bluster I get  for you beautiful Reader’s 🎈